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Pauline has been a member of the International Ice Swimming Association since 2013 and is an IISA Ambassador as well as becoming one of the first IISA Officials at the inaugural Ice Officals course in Burghuasen, Germany in 2017.


She was delighted to be asked by Ram Barkai ( founder and chairman of IISA ) to become the first Chairman of the Great Britain IISA Country Association and held the position for two years. During that time Great Britain won 9 medals ( including 5 Gold ) at the 2017 Ice Swimming World Championships and the country membership of IISA GB grew to 329 members.


Pauline completed her first Ice Mile in January 2014 and in 2015 she completed a further two Ice Miles becoming the first woman in the world to have swum three Ice Miles and subsequently brought that total to four early in 2016.
In November 2016 she completed Ice Mile number 5 – the first ever Ice Fly – an Ice Mile swim in Butterfly stroke and has since completed an Ice Mile in The Netherlands bring the total ( so far ) to 6.

She has competed in many International Ice Swimming events in Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and USA. as well as GB events. 

She organises open water swim sessions in and around Plymouth where she lives and likes to provide opportunities for those new to the sport to jump in and give it a try as well as encouraging more established swimmers to extend their swimming boundaries – safely of course!

During the summer she becomes a long distance swimmer and has swum in 4 relays of the English Channel, a relay of Loch Ness and a solo 2 Way Windermere 21 miles as well as an English Channel solo in 2015 aborted after more than 13 hours due to string tides and winds.

She is always happy to speak with anyone keen to take on the challenge of Ice Swimming and can be contacted through Facebook or by email to or through the links on her website