3. Ice Mile & Ice Kilometre Qualifying Swims

Ice Mile and Kilometre Qualifying swims

For any swim to be ratified by IISA you must ensure that it is swum in accordance with the rules of the International Ice Swimming Association which were updated in 2017.


Full details of IISA rules and constitution are available on the IISA website link here  IISA Rules but some of the initial points to observe are - 


Before attempting an Ice Mile a qualifying swim must be swum and observed by a witness competent to ensure that IISA rules regarding costume and water temperature are adhered to.

The distance required for a qualifying swim for an Ice Mile is dependant upon the water temperature. For example - if the water temperature is between 6 and 6.9 degrees then 1250 metres must be swum and if it is between zero and 5.9 degrees then 1000 metres must be swum.

A qualifying swim is valid for 18 months and should be uploaded to your IISA bio page.


However if you anticipate that your Ice Mile will fall into 'Extreme'* category then the qualifying swim distance is increased as per the chart below - 



* An 'Extreme' Ice Mile is classifies as falling into one of the following categories - 

1 - Water temperature is 2 degrees C or lower

2 - Wind Chill is minus 15 degrees C or lower

3 - Distance expected is 2K or longer

4 - Expected swim time is 45 minutes or longer ( bear in mind that the cold effect of an Ice Mile can result in your swim time being up to 20% longer than your pool mile time ).

5 - Altitude in 2440 metres or higher

IISA recommends extra safety measure be out in place for Extreme Ice Mile attempts.