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The website Devon and Cornwall Wild Swimming and the domain name associated with it ( is owned by Pauline Barker who is the founder and creator of the group.

The website is updated and maintained by Pauline who is also the founder and prime administrator of the facebook pages Cornwall wild Swimming and Devon Wild Swimming .

To contact Pauline please email or contact via Pauline Barker facebook page or Twitter.

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About Me .....

I founded Devon and Cornwall Wild Swimming in 2010 with the aim of setting up a network of swimmers in the two counties promoting open water swimming in all its different genres.
The groups began with just 5 members and now there are over 7000.
The group operates mainly through it’s Facebook groups Devon Wild swimming and Cornwall Wild Swimming where swimmers chat and organise to meet for swims. The two groups are separate only for Facebook purposes as there is so much going on the forums would be far to busy to follow if they were together !

My passions have evolved into Ice Swimming, sea swimming and endurance swimming and the two combined in 2013 when I completed 3 relay swims across The English Channel from Dover to France.
 In 2014 I took part in a 4 person relay along the length of Loch Ness ( setting the UK record ) as well as a solo ( 21 mile ) 2 way swim of Lake Windermere .  Lake Windermere was swum overnight and took me 16 and a half hours.

In 2016 I completed another 4 person English Channel relay being my fourth successful relay crossing

In July 2015 I attempted a solo swim across the English Channel from Dover to France. However due to tidal and weather conditions ( Force 5 winds ) the swim was aborted after 13 and a half hours as I had been swept too far North to successfully land in France. ( At one point I was level with Belgium ! ).

I swim without a wetsuit all year round and have taken part in the UK Cold Water Swimming Championships held at Tooting Bec Lido as well as PHISH ( Parliament Hill Ice Swimmers Hootenay) and the ChillSwim at Windermere as well as many international events.

I completed my first Ice Mile in January 2014 and 2 more in 2015 becoming the first woman in the world to have completed 3 Ice Miles. ( an Ice Mile is a swim of 1 mile in water temperature below 5 degrees wearing just a normal swimming costume, goggles and hat - no wetsuit).
In 2017 I completed a further two Ice Miles including one entirely in butterfly and am the only person in the World to have completed an Ice Mile in fly and have now swim 10 Ice Miles becoming only one of three people in the World to have attained this and the only woman. ( the others are Ram Barkai from South Africa and Ger Kennedy from Ireland )
 I am an ambassador for the International Ice Swimming Association and will be one of 16 global swimmers taking part in the Antarctica Ice Swim in November 2018.

I have competed in overseas Ice swimming events around the world and in 2015 won the marathon Ice Swimming event in The Baltic Sea in Estonia by swimming 1200 metres in 1.7 degree water ( 28 minutes ) and in 2016 won the Polish Ice Swimming 1000 metres in a pool cut from the ice.

In 2017 I founded The Polar Bear Challenge to encourage swimmers to swim throughout the winter and this now has 500 people taking up the Challenge.

I organise several open water swim sessions in and around Plymouth where I live and I try to provide opportunities for those new to the sport to jump in and give it a go as well as encouraging more established swimmers to extend their swimming boundaries – safely of course!

I am always happy to speak with anyone wanting to find swims or swim buddies in Devon or Cornwall pr to chat about Ice Swimming and you can contact me on Facebook or email