July - SwimPack Challenge

This challenge is run by SwimPack  http://www.swimpack.co.uk/  and runs throughout July.


SwimPack is a virtual event which tries to encourage goal setting and motivate all individuals to reach their targets. With this in mind, even if you don't manage to make up the distance you set yourself over a month, you will still be rewarded with a loot crate containing that months mystery goods, excluding the medal. 

SwimPack encourages everyone to swim with a purpose and set goals to achieve. Whether you are swimming in a pool or open water, as long as you can record your distances you will be rewarded at the end of the month for your hard work. 

We currently offer 4 distances for those willing to challenge themselves for the month of JULY. These Distances are 10km, 25km, 50km and 100km, of which equates to in a 25 metre pool, 400 lengths, 1000 lengths, 2000 lengths and 4000 lengths. 

The range of distances of which you can select from are suitable for everyone regardless of your ability and will still be challenging to complete in a months period. 

Swimpack is priced at a small £15.00 entry fee where you will receive a medal specific to the distance you completed as well as a loot crate containing 3 mystery gifts that can retail over £20.



Register in 3 EASY steps:


1. Choose Your Distance for This Month

2. Register with our entry form ensuring all fields are filled out


3. Complete your Distance and Send Evidence by spreadseet or Garmin - this is an honesty swim so you are only cheating yourself if you claim your prize before swimming the distance !