Polar Bear Club

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 Great Britain Polar Bears.                                                                     International Polar Bears

To become a member of the Polar Bear club you must swim at least 200 metres at least twice a month from November until the end of March in the sea, lake, unheated lido  or river.
Swims must be done under the clothing rules of the International Ice Swimming Association - that means only a swimsuit, a simple silicone or latex hat ( no fancy or bubble hats ) and a pair of goggles that do not cover the nose.
Earplugs and noseclips are allowed.

Footwear is allowed to enter the water but must be discarded throughout the minimum 200 metres swim.
Asssistance into and out of the water is allowed but a minimum swim of 200 metres unassisted must be achieved.

Over 18s only.

This is an honesty challenge - if you cheat you are only cheating yourself.

It would be nice if you could post pics of your swims ( or a selfie ) on your swim group page to encourage others.

Email Pauline at barkerpab@aol.com to advise you have completed each swim.

A roll call of Challengees will be posted on the DCWS website.

Payment of £5 must be made in November to enter the challenge and Polar Bear awards of a badge and certificate will be awarded in April to successful swimmers.
You can pay either by the paypal link at the top of the page or drop me an email barkerpab@aol.com if you'd rather pay another way.

Disclaimer - cold water swimming can be dangerous especially if you are not in good health. Please read the SwimSafe advice and ensure you are fit and able to take on the challenge and take the time to read up on the effects of cold water swimming including cold shock response and afterdrop.