SMILE MILE - inspired by Jonathan Joyce

The ‘Smile Mile’ - inspired by Jonathan Joyce.

Swim a mile to remember those you have lost and celebrate the good times and to recognise those who have inspired you.

The mile can be swum anywhere at any time in a pool, lido, river, lake, sea or anywhere bigger than a puddle.  Preferably with friends and a picnic with cake and laughter after ..or can be on your own doing your own thing with your own thoughts.

Write the name of your chosen person(s) on your arm so that they are swimming with you and to remind you why you are swimming. Include any inspirational words or messages of support as well….and  the curly smiley wavy logo if you wish.

There is a facebook page where we can share our swims and happy remembrances. 


In fact you don’t even have to swim- you can walk, jog, run, cycles, roller skate or do whatever you want………for a mile……..with a smile :-)

Saturday June 15th 2013 - Jonathan Joyce died after swimming in the sea at Beesands.
 He was a much loved member of our swimming family will always be remembered.

 18 September 1971 - 15 June 2013.

So many treasured memories of one lost forever,
Echoes of your smile and laughter still linger around every corner,
You were so full of life, it’s adventures and challenges
That to lose you so soon is an unbearable loss.

We remember red balloons at Burgh
..and Easter bonnets too.
Not just swimming through Thurlestone but climbing atop and standing like Superman.
A day spent swimming into the sunset down the river to Bantham
..and another day spent watching your epic battle with The English Channel
Careering down the Plym and climbing into waterfalls or swimming at Sharrah as dawn broke - and at Spitchwick as the sun set and into the night.

Always brimming with energy and vigour - living life to the full you were a light and an inspiration. Your memory will live forever in swims and adventures to come…..
….but for now there is just sorrow and breaking hearts. There will never  be enough water to wash away our tears..

Swim forever JJ - so many people loved you that you will never be forgotten.

From StormID - the company of which JJ was CEO

..and his business partner
A beautiful set of memories of JJ - by Peter Joyce.